ModernUnited is a production company specializing in visionary, high quality entertainment from around the world. We create, finance and produce projects both commercially viable and socially relevant.

A good film does more than entertain. 

It has the power to change hearts & minds.

ModernUnited produces bold content that raises awareness & challenges societal pretenses.


ModernUnited was born out of a desire to craft an inspiring vision based on the principles of creativity, integrity & ethics. As an inclusive & diverse organization, whose aim is to unite; we provide a platform for principled & enriching work.

Quality & integrity serve as the solid bedrock for the way business can, and should be conducted. We reveal that transparency in our day to day operations and successful results stem from such an approach.

When the wrong kind of people have power, we can no longer turn a blind eye. We have a responsibility to change the way business is done… We at ModernUnited are here to do just that.


We are dedicated to uniting audiences in the next evolution of impactful, artfully original storytelling. Through strategic partnerships and global reach, ModernUnited develops and produces premier film and television content across genres, territories and platforms worldwide.

We believe in TRANSPARENCY. Committed to results, ModernUnited bridges the gap between production and investors using transparency and honest business practices.


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Our logo was specifically designed to represent who we are and what we stand for.

Our design combines classic principles of minimalism with an East meets West vibe - unique, edgy & timeless. Our shield is a heart of gold - symbolizing unity, strength & our stance for integrity.

ModernUnited does not accept unsolicited film or television submissions.