ModernUnited is a film production & finance company committed to results, creating impactful content and amplifying diverse voices.

A good film does more than entertain. It has the power to change hearts and minds.

ModernUnited develops, finances & produces content that is influential, raises awareness and challenges societal pretenses.

ModernUnited was born out of a desire to craft an inspiring vision based on the principles of creativity, integrity & ethics. As an inclusive & diverse organization, whose aim is to unite; we provide a platform for principled & enriching work.

Integrity and quality serve as the solid bedrock for the way business can, and should be conducted. We reveal that transparency in our day to day operations and successful results stem from such an approach.

When the wrong kind of people have power, we can no longer turn a blind eye. We have a responsibility to change the way business is done… We at ModernUnited are here to do just that.

– ModernUnited Founder and CEO, Joanna Koss

We bridge the gap between film production
and investors using transparency and
honest business practices.

Joanna Koss

Founder, CEO & Producer
Founder and CEO of ModernUnited, Joanna Koss’ career has spanned over two decades with experience on both production (in front & behind the camera) and finance ends of the motion picture industry. Since childhood, Joanna immersed herself in the entertainment industry; performing in the New York City theatre scene and studying with legendary coaches Wynn Handman and Susan Batson. After graduating from Columbia University she produced a number of films. In 2016 Joanna founded ModernUnited with a vision for integrity, a high standard for genuine business strategies and a focus on a variety of genre based properties with high-production quality. With an uncanny eye for talent, Joanna brings a wealth of creative and practical aptitude to ModernUnited.  As CEO, she oversees services of the company and manages its annual slate of films, scouts for content, oversees production and creative interest, and spearheads the future of ModernUnited. A guardian of quality filmmaking conducted with genuine business practices, Koss’ commitment is creating quality products while ensuring a return on investment.

We believe in transparency, not only with investors
but with all involved. By being open and honest, it
creates a more meaningful and valuable
stakeholder relationship.


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Our logo was specifically designed to represent who we are and what we stand for.

Our design combines classic principles of minimalism with an East meets West vibe - unique, edgy & timeless. Our shield is a heart of gold - symbolizing strength, our stance for integrity and the impact we aim our productions to have on the world.